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Boulter Practiced Football? Sure Dortmund Trial But The Dream In Manchester Jan 09, 2018


Xinhua news agency, Beijing in January 8, according to ESPN reports, has retired from the track "lightning" Boulter recently revealed that he had decided to go to the Bundesliga Dortmund trial, but his dream is to join Manchester United club.

Lightning Boulter practiced football? But the dream into the trial to determine Dortmund Manchester

Boulter will be trained with the Dortmund team in March. The 31 year old Manchester United fan said he still wanted to get the "Red Devils". He said, at the critical moment, old Sir Ferguson would help him.

He said: "in March, I will go to Dortmund for a trial, then I will be determined as a player can do what, how to develop. If they say I'm good and I need more training, then I'll do it. "

"It makes me nervous. I'm never nervous, but this time it's different. This is football. It takes time to adapt, but I can get used to playing football a few times. That was the case when I started to practice track and field. "  Boulter said.

"My biggest dream is to be able to sign a contract with Manchester United. If Dortmund says I'm good enough, then I'm going to riveting hard. I talked to Ferguson and needed him to give me a good word. He told me that if he had no problem and was ready, then he would try to do something. " Boulter said.

In August 2017, Boulter retired. He is still not sure what he will do in the future. He always thinks he has a chance to be a Premier League player.  He said: "I've seen a lot of football games, I understand football and I play football, too. After training, I will become very strong. I talked to Pogba many times. I watched him play and asked him a lot of questions. I want to play football, but I have to play in the top league. I'm not satisfied with mediocrity. "

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