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Lang Ping's Practice Is Worth Learning From The Volleyball Coaches All Over The World! Jan 04, 2018


Who is the highest Sportsman of the women's volleyball Super League this season? It's Li Yingying, no doubt. In the first stage and the Shanghai team of the battle, the little girl got a score of 45, even when Zhu Ting broke the record for a while, the name Li Yingying was known.

Lang Ping's practice is worth learning from the volleyball coaches all over the world!

Li Yingying's present state is a bit similar to Zhu Ting's first entry into the national team. He has the strength in the attack and the next three roads are rough. Because of this, the liberation of the Tianjin women's volleyball team to pass Li Yingying to protect her attack. Different, Zhu Ting - Lang Ping has never been liberated.

At the beginning of the national team in the three Lu Zhu Ting not only poor physical fitness is also poor, Lang Ping recalled that she can not practice, practice a pale face. But Lang Ping saw Zhu Ting has great potential, strong plasticity, for she has developed a set of training plan, step by step, steady, time spent energy, do not care about a race, then Zhu Ting physical enhancement, three way out of practice, to become the main hand a versatile, under the leadership of Lang Ping and Chinese women walk together on the top of the world.

Lang Ping's practice is worth learning from the volleyball coaches all over the world!

A skyscraper begins with a cornerstone. Relying on Lang Ping's solid foundation for her, coupled with her own efforts, Zhu Ting continues to climb to a higher level, which is amazing where her limit is.

Lang Ping once said in an interview that once the wrong movements of the athletes were formed, it was difficult to correct them. Said this, can see she is very regret for the volleyball players, also for the future of China volleyball.

Lang Ping said it was our luck to meet Zhu Ting. So, Zhu Ting met Lang Ping at his age of potential, and was it not her luck? Lang Ping and Zhu Ting can become teachers and apprenticeship, but also the luck of Chinese women's volleyball.

Lang Ping's practice is worth learning from the volleyball coaches all over the world!

Now the Tianjin women's volleyball team is moving towards a point of the road, from this set of tactics when they tasted the sweetness of how likely it is to let Li Yingying pick? How much could cultivate a Li Yingying? It will be late when her thoughts and movements have been fixed and trained.

When athletes have not yet been set up and have potential to dig, we should train Lang Ping to do that. Those volleyball coaches should learn from them. They are also worth learning from coaches all over the world.

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