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The Return Of The Golden Flower To The Golden Generation To Reshape The Golden Age Jan 08, 2018


Serena Williams, Sharapova, Covey Tova, Gobel, Victoria Azarenka, A - radwanska...... With the old gold generation, with Li Na's growing Chinese fans, these names have long been ingrained in their minds. Although women's tennis chaos has always been a commonplace talk of an old scholar but in their peak period, and WTA will have at least some can rely on the shore and "vessel", let a person feel stability. However, in the past 2017 seasons, their reasons for competition in the upstream of the collective fall, may be more than a nikulaisiku rallies by the cutting means also tricks: or family reasons or because of long-term truce, the state is unable to extricate themselves and fell into a trough, or return to the game still need to adapt to...... In any case, the result is that once shook the name, now in the 52 week ranking position in the system are surprising, it also means that the early months of 2018, some mars hit the earth type exciting showdown, from a tournament before the start of several rounds, the fiery staged. And can the new order of WTA be reorganized in the new season of their hand in hand? This will also be the most unsolved new suspense.

The return of the golden flower to the golden generation to reshape the golden age

Gobel: now the world ranking No.21

The continuation of the 2016 season won two grand slam jingshizhizuo, has been the first in the world, the season is difficult to reach the pursuit diligently. At the peak of its fame counterattack tour in the past year are hard to find deterrent; and once to stability for German, now lost, is constantly frustrated after falling more confidence.

The offseason meditation, let Korbel choice and meritorious coach Torben Belz broke up, in turn hired coached hole tower, Halep, azalunka and Kim Clijsters and many other famous Wim Feset. Perhaps, the emergence of a new voice, accompanied by a brilliant dilution of the season, will enable us to see a new Ann Gillic in early 2018.

The return of the golden flower to the golden generation to reshape the golden age

Serena Williams: now the world ranking No.22

When in December 30th and the Aosta branch in Azad Bubbe Peng exhibition schedule, all eyes are gathered in the seven session of the 2018 Australian Open champion and defending champion Serena Williams's body. In September last year, gave birth to a daughter in Olympia; in November, and married O Hani Ann; outside Serena, harvest in the past year perfect family happiness. While the stadium, after taking personal occupation career of twenty-third Grand Slam singles trophy and return to the world first, originally regarded as absolute favorite to win the Australian Open this year Serena, but announced no defending tour.

At present, there are two around the main body in Serena questions: first, when she was ready to return to tour; second, her schedule table will consist of several races? Margaret Caunt's Grand Slam women's singles champion is only one step away from the distance. There is no doubt that we can expect the queen to take the lead in the creation and continuation of the legendary way at the fastest speed.

The return of the golden flower to the golden generation to reshape the golden age

A - radwanska: World No.28

Although it is still only 28 years old, many people have begun to worry about the Polish people's physical condition. After six consecutive seasons at the end of the year, Top10, last year, A's injury was finally annotated by her record. Throughout the 2017 season, she had only been in the top four of the two stops (Sydney and New Haven).

The majority of the time trapped foot injury, let A pull station to the end of last season in Hongkong was finally put down the physical and mental burden, because this is her first time in more than 10 years, ranking at the end of the year in addition to Top20. However, people are more willing to believe that such an outcome is an accident and does not mean a trend. As long as he stays healthy, the WTA six - degree fan welcoming winner is still a strong competitor for the new season tour.

The return of the golden flower to the golden generation to reshape the golden age

Covey Tova: now the world ranking No.29

After that nightmare attack, Covey Tova's return is the most touching story in WTA2017. Let alone play her own offensive tennis. After the end of May the French comeback, Kurkovva got Bermingham into the quarter finals champion, us open, and with excellent performance in the semi-finals of the season for a strong finish. In spite of the difficulties and frustrations of this process, the signs were conveyed to us that the former "Czech Huntsman" came back again.

The return of the golden flower to the golden generation to reshape the golden age

Sharapova: now the world ranking No.59

15 months after being banned for taking banned drugs, Sharapova wrote a commendable footnote for his resurfacing trip. Since the Rome station began injuries forced Sawa missed the French Open and Wimbledon two Grand Slam, but the first round of the US Open three Lectra halep performance is still clear: she still has the ability to beat the world's top players. But at the end of TianJin Railway Station successfully won, then let Sawa broke the championship drought for more than two years.

Unless the world rankings return to Top20, the ritual of the draw for each of the events Sharapova is participating in is still exciting. As a non seed, she is a potential threat to any player. Maybe at the Australian Open, some of the focus will not come in the first few rounds.

The return of the golden flower to the golden generation to reshape the golden age

Azarara: the world ranking No.210

The two session of the Australian Open champion, after giving birth to his son Leo, lasted only a few weeks. To participate in the two tournament, Azarenka scored Wimbledon sixteen, but since then, because outside the family affair, 28 year old Belarus man was forced to leave the game again. But after receiving 2018 Australian Open wildcard announced, we have hope and look forward to have "line" king of rebirth.

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