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Wenger's Resignation Will Hit The Premier League Again! Push VAR+ To Insist On The First League Of Football Esthetics Because Of Him Jan 10, 2018


Arsenal were eliminated in the Championship side Nottingham forest in the FA Cup upset, or will become the last straw for Wenger.

Wenger is a service, not strategizing in the bench, can only sit in the stands by remote command. Because in the Arsenal and West Brom after the end of the game, Wenger blasted the referee Mike Dean, identified by the FA made inappropriate remarks to the penalty for 3 games, which makes the Gunners boss only in the next FA Cup sidelined.

Wenger's resignation will hit the Premier League again! Push VAR+ to insist on the first League of football esthetics because of him

Let's go back to Wenger's site, listen to what he had to say: "we always encounter such a thing: A Senna was whistled for a penalty does not exist.  Many years ago I was calling for the professionalization of the referee, but I did not see any progress. The Premier League, as the best in the world, has been delayed by the introduction of a video referee (VAR) to ensure fair play. Why do we have to wait such a long time? "

The irony is, until Wenger was convicted, Mike Dean was admitted to Sibrand's penalty is indeed a miscarriage of justice, the video referee temperature GREE introduced, in Brighton and Crystal Palace FA Cup debut on Wednesday, Arsenal and Chelsea in the Carling Cup semi-final, will also use VAR technology. Although the video referee can not guarantee the absolute fairness, it can at least provide the referee with the equivalent reference and the possibility of correcting the error. Wenger paid a terrible price for the coming of the day.

According to the "mirror" that Wenger may terminate the contract in the summer to the board of directors office, unless this Gunners coach. Heard the news, I believe the Big Dipper gun enthusiasts because the majority of fight four spree following the 2003/2004 season to get the double crown, has been for many years has not won heavyweight title, and fourth in the Premier League, Champions League sixteen Lang, not an ambitious team want results.

But Wenger's gunmen and the Premier League are absolutely legendary.  He let Arsenal rise strong enough to be a subversive enough to impact the dominance of Manchester United Premier League, and the advanced football idea of the professor changed the trend of the Premier League. In the 1000 column of Wenger's Premier League, Italy's famous EI magazine wrote, "Wenger's arrival in Arsenal is comparable to the significance of the Beatles in Liverpool in the music world.

After Wenger became Arsenal, quickly changed the premier intense physical confrontation but low technology content and high high prevalence of traditional ground penetration rare, the ugly transformation of Graham era has become the main ground, dominated by sexy football, his bold attempt and innovation, has a profound impact on the Premier League to attract the sustained attention of capital. Create a "world first league" spirit.

On the training ground, Wenger's harsh plan and the pursuit of the ultimate details for various small scale competition and training with the ball, has been widely recognized and respected; in that he led the team to win the double sign first full season after the Gunners, also let the premier change in Pride and prejudice, began to open to foreign coach, this has been today, Mourinho, Guardiola, Conti, Pochettino, Klopp, Benitez and other world-class coach in the spectacular scenes of the premier league!

A strong man can only redeem himself, and a great man can save others! "The Shawshank Redemption" in the classic lines, like a true portrayal of Wenger hard in the premier league. Even if he were gunmen this summer on the bench, the Premier League, Premier League, save the achievement change Premiership feat is enough to go down in history!

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