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Will Curie Be The Boss Of The Rugby Team? Would Like To Do Anything About It Jan 12, 2018


Recently, it is reported that the warrior's star Stephen curry is ready to join the rappers Diddy to buy the NFL (National Football League) Carolina Panthers, and they are making progress, getting closer and closer to the final agreement.

Currie is also responding to outside news that it is true. "It's true, so I hope it's going to happen soon." Said Currie. Currie is a loyal fan of the NFL Carolina Panther team, who says he has been discussing the strategy of buying the team with Diddy. "I talked to Diddy to see how it was going and there was a lot of work to do."

Will Curie be the boss of the rugby team? Would like to do anything about it

He said he was very interested in becoming one of the new owners of the NFL Carolina Panther team and even willing to do anything about it.

"This is a very interesting opportunity. I have talked with many people about how to do it, and talked about what ways I can do differently, and I am looking at how to do it." Said Currie.

Will Curie be the boss of the rugby team? Would like to do anything about it

"I was very interested, I was very interested, and I'd like to do anything to do that," he said. "First of all, I am a fan of the Panthers. I was their fans from 7 years old. They just appeared in Sherlock and became a part of Sherlock, and I represent Sherlock, that is my hometown. I know many players of the Panthers. Said Currie.

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